Powerhouse soul singer and songwriter, Kolette Easy, may be from Toronto, Canada but she quickly found herself right at home touring and performing across the globe in Southeast Asia for several years.  While touring internationally she transcended barriers of language and culture with her voice and music.  For Kolette venturing out of her comfort zone to fulfill her passion for singing has been one of her greatest musical achievements.

This fearlessness and boldness is exactly what took her across the seas and far away from all that she knew to fulfill her passion for singing.  Upon listening to the advice of her mentor, Kolette decided to take a leap of blind faith, leave her day job and pursue a career singing full-time internationally.  For the next several years she toured and became a highly sought after performer throughout Southeast Asia.

Kolette’s soulful vocals have been inspired by such musical greats as Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan and Rachelle Ferrell.  Her love for soul music is definitely displayed in her tonality and style.  “Listening to songs sung by my favorite influences always gives me a musical rush.”

Understanding her talent and wanting to lay a solid foundation for herself, Kolette focused on mastering her craft.  Her first endeavor into the arts began with an audition and acceptance into the Etobicoke School of Arts where she majored in musical theatre.  She was then awarded a scholarship to the Royal Conservatory of Music for contemporary voice and opera training.  From there, Kolette was able to fine-tune her craft and soak inspiration from others who shared her love of music and the dramatic arts.


Her undeniable passion for performing and singing has Kolette busy on and off the stage.  She has done numerous theatrical productions stemming from her days as a performing arts student.  Her 10-piece band Community Soul Project entertains local and international audiences with the sounds of ol`skol classic soul, funk and r&b.

In between performances Kolette has been in the studio diligently recording.  She has been working side-by-side with legendary producer Eddie Bullen crafting material for her highly anticipated album.  To date she has released four successful singles all displaying her musical versatility. Her first release entitled You Me Her is a club banging r&b track about a complicated love triangle.  This was followed up by In The Meantime, a jazz infused neo soul single also written by the songstress. This song is one of inspiration and motivation when in the midst of life challenges.  The remix to this single took on a completely different edge infusing the sounds of techno and dance.  Next the classic up-beat 90’s dance track Here I Am became the first real taste of the vocal power and soul Kolette’s voice possesses.  Showcasing just how multitalented and involved in her artistry Kolette really is, all the lyrical content to these songs were written by her.

The newest single for this songtress and hot off production is Black Lipstick. This one is sure to be a fan favorite.  This is the first ballad released by Kolette and features a more softer and sultry side to her vocals.  This song is one of seduction, intrigue and passion and will without doubt earn this talent the additional recognition she is deserving of.

These songs are just a taste of what to expect from this extraordinary talent and her upcoming album.  At the end of it all Kolette’s most important desire is to touch and connect with her audience through her passion for music and singing.  “Ask me where my happy place is, I’ll tell you it’s anywhere on that stage”.